minecraft textures

As an avid Minecraft player, I wanted to explore making my own textures. I started small with my first pack by picking items to texture that would be the most obvious changes in the game visually. Ferns, spruce, basic blocks and then some rabbits and wolves.

I called this first pack “Grimm Timm”, focusing on the taiga biome. I also kept to default texture sizes to see what I could do with pixel limitations.

 I’ve made this partial pack available for download in case you wanted to try it out.


For my second exploration pack, I was more adventurous and pursued something that was more visually extreme. I decided that a world made of textile patterns would be fun to play with and allow for more vibrant colors. The main theme would be plaids, represented through common blocks.

I also made this partial pack available for download if people wanted to check it out in Minecraft.


Here’s another exploration that I tried, where I set out to learn about biome-tints and how they’re used within the game. I also made some alien cows to go with the foliage tints.