portfolio of work

from my time working at Mango Motion Design




This ztl file of the Doc Brown POP figure from Funko came to me as a high-poly sculpt which clocked in at 12,388,884 tris (6,194,442 quads). Utilizing tools native to zBrush: zRemesher with polypaint, zRemesher guide brush, and deletion of unnecessary edge-loops; I got this model down to 46,696 tris (23,348 quads). 

Once brought into Maya soften edges was used in order to smooth out the model for rendering as a product turn sheet and to export with the baked materials/texture for use in the mobile 3D viewer app: Quidd.




At times we would be tasked to create digital-only figures based off the client's existing figures. Sometimes this was a simple case of re-coloring an existing model, other times it would mean taking bits and pieces from various existing digital figurines to "Frankenstein" a new figure from them, and others would require new parts to be created in order to round out the new varient.




Aside from out 3D work for our client and Quidd we also handled creation of digital sticker and trading card sets. I was often tasked to handle small looping animations which would be paired with text - as gif "stickers" to use in text messages. 

Assets came to us as a "glam" Adobe Illustrator image which I would format, then animated as a "puppet" in Ae.